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Haney & Shah LLP is a litigation and business firm that occupies a unique niche in the Los Angeles legal community; a small firm with a large firm practice and experience. We are small enough to give each matter personal attention, but we take pride in our ability to handle the most complex, sophisticated litigation and transactions. Simply put, we do exceptional work and achieve excellent results for our clients. We do so by developing cost-effective, creative solutions for complex issues and disputes.

Our attorneys possess top academic credentials and maintain the highest level of professional ethics and have often been recognized for our excellence by our peers and the media. Whether clients are referred to us by other attorneys or contact us directly, they tell us they are consistently pleased with our performance. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our practice, our team and our results.

Recent News

Haney & Shah LLP represents four children from three families that were victimized by sexual harassment, sexual battery and molestation and bullying conduct by the ironically named Pleasant Valley School District.  These lawsuits have been related before the same Ventura County judge.   Please click on the link below for the story.  Lead counsel Steve Haney notes “the fact that this type of perverted sexual behavior is being inflicted on young children at school is heartbreaking.  We hope this article puts the parents of other children in the  school district on notice of the gross misconduct that is harming innocent children in the presence of adults who are ostensibly there to stop this type of abuse from happening.  Our allegations are in many cases backed up by findings made by independent investigators.  This is not the type of conduct that should be tolerated in a civilized society.

Haney & Shah LLP prosecutes Pleasant Valley School District for allowing sexual abuse and molestation against four children

Haney & Shah LLP beats the County of Los Angeles AGAIN in an 11-1 jury trial verdict of $450k that will be in excess of a $1,100,000 judgment. Captain Michael Cash prevailed on all three of his causes of action for retaliation, failure of the LACOFD to prevent retaliation (Chiefs William McCloud, David Richardson and Patrick Errett) and violation of Labor Code 1102.5 (Whistleblower). The County spared no expense in their attempt to defeat Captain Cash’s claims by hiring the big Sheppard, Mullin law firm, but despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds spent by Fire Chief Anthony Marrone, the County lost and lost badly. This defeat followed after Deputy Chief Breshears and County Counsel Jenny Tam both predicted victory for the County. The jury awarded Cash both economic damages for what he would have earned had he not been wrongfully removed as a training captain, and almost $350k in emotional distress damages. With mandatory fees and costs to follow, victorious trial lawyer Steve Haney surmises that the total judgment will be around $1,100,000, unless the County appeals, which Haney says will increase the judgment up to approximately $1.25 million. Among other undisputed evidence is that the Department never told Cash why he lost his training captain status despite multiple unanswered emails sent by Cash to Upper Management personnel. The jury found that the Department’s excuse at trial (i.e., that Richardson did not like Mike Cash’s writing style in Straight Streams) was pretextual and made up. The jury rejected the alternative excuse created by either the County or its lawyers as “unbelievable” according to more than one juror who read the Straight Streams articles. The jury voted unanimously 12-0 that the Straight Streams excuse was bogus. That makes the firm 6 for 6 in trials in 2023, including three jury trials in which the judgment exceeded seven figures.


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