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Criminal Defense

The firm is skilled in handling criminal defense cases of all types, specializing in handling complete white-collar cases, which usually involve economic crimes. Steven Haney was trained on the prosecution side by the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office, where he tried and won all of the misdemeanor cases he was assigned. Now, on the defense side, Mr. Haney has handled approximately 30 cases, eight of which have gone to jury trial. In each case, the firm has obtained either a defense verdict or a hung jury, including a six-week Federal Court jury trial that led to an 11-1 not-guilty verdict in favor of our client. Thus, Mr. Haney has never lost a criminal trial, neither for plaintiffs nor for defendants. If you find yourself in need of a good criminal defense firm, Haney Law Group can more than meet your needs.

  • Haney was trained by top-notch prosecutors from the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office and Los Angeles City Attorneys Office in the Trial Attorney Project to conduct jury trials. Training culminated in five (5) misdemeanor jury trials that resulted in five (5) convictions. Cases included embezzlement, brandishing and assault, DUI involving PCP, and DUI involving alcohol. Haney went on to try 12 additional criminal trials on behalf of defendants, all of which resulted in either a unanimous not-guilty verdict (e.g. People vs. Moss) or hung juries with no second trial (e.g. USA v. Vheru).

  • Haney represented one of the children of Carl Karcher (owner of Carl’s Jr.) in an insider trading case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Federal Court against Karcher and his family for allegedly selling Carl’s Jr. stock based on negative inside information. He obtained a favorable result for the client, who was also a priest (SEC v. Karcher, et al.).

  • In a Federal Court case, Haney represented two defendants who were arrested and charged as part of the largest counterfeit watch seizure in US history. He was successful in having the charges dismissed against one defendant. The other defendant did only 6 months out of a possible 20 year sentence (USA vs. Hung).

  • USA v. Ontario Air Parts was brought by the USA against the company defendants and its officers. The firm represented one of its officers regarding importation of air parts from Taiwan and ultimately obtained a dismissal for our client.

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