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Employment Litigation

The employment practices section of the Haney & Shah vigorously and effectively advocates on behalf of employees before all state, federal, and administrative courts within California. This section focuses on advocating on behalf of those who have been illegally discriminated against or harassed based upon a number of protected characteristics including race, age, physical disability, and gender. In addition, Haney & Shah takes particular pride in representing employees who report or resist performing illegal conduct (“whistleblowers”) only to face unlawful retaliation for speaking up to protect themselves or the public.

Although we represent employees throughout all employment sectors and industries, our attorneys have particular skill and expertise in litigating cases against local and federal governmental entities. We have represented the best and brightest civil servants, including firefighters and law enforcement officers, from recruit trainees to the highest-ranking captains and chiefs.

We work tirelessly for our clients in order to achieve results based upon the individual nature of each case, ranging from reinstatement to seven-figure settlements and trial verdicts.

  • In Rash v. Foremost Industrial Exchange, we represented the defendant employer who filed suit against an employee who stole trade secrets and started a competing business on the side. During the case’s extremely heated litigation, the employee threatened to “piss on the grave” of our elderly client. The case was favorably decided in a Federal Court bench trial in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • We represented a former Battalion Chief and whistleblower suing the Los Angeles County Fire Department for retaliation and hostile work environment. Our client claimed retaliation included a failure to promote. During litigation he was promoted to Assistant Chief, and the case settled in a confidential settlement disclosed under the Brown Act.

  • In another case against the Los Angeles County Fire Department, claims were brought for discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environment. The case settled after jury selection in a confidential settlement disclosed under the Brown Act. Our client was subsequently promoted to Captain.

  • In yet another case against the Los Angeles County Fire Department, our client brought claims for discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environment, including a claim of failure to promote. We obtained promotional records after a contested trial court hearing that was affirmed by the Court of Appeals. The case settled in a confidential settlement disclosed under the Brown Act.

  • In Walsh v. Los Angeles Fire County Department, our client asserted claims arising out of wrongful conduct that led to delayed response time to a victim. Our client asserted various claims, including hostile work environment. The case settled on the courthouse steps before trial by Chief P. Michael Freeman in a confidential settlement.

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