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Professional Negligence Litigation

Steven Haney prosecutes and defend claims against professionals, including legal malpractice claims against lawyers, medical malpractice, wrongful death actions against medical practitioners, and accounting malpractice claims. The firm has taken on and defeated some of the largest and best known law firms across the nation, including firms venued in Los Angeles, San Diego and Chicago. If you are a corporation that has had services incompetently performed by a big name firm, do not assume you have no remedy. No case is too difficult and no firm is too large for us to take on if they have damaged you with an act of malpractice. Conversely, if you are an attorney wrongfully sued for malpractice, we have over 20 years experience defending lawyers on behalf of insurance companies and others.

We also have expertise in prosecuting and winning medical malpractice cases, including cases in which the negligence has led to a wrongful death. Elsewhere, the firm has successfully prosecuted suits against accountant firms whose negligence caused our clients harm. We are confident and skilled in all aspects of handling professional negligence claims and invite you to call us if you find yourself to be a victim in such a case.

  • In Paul Hastings v. Park, the firm defended a claim before the Honorable Malcolm Mackey in a suit brought by a major downtown law firm for over $700,000 in attorneys fees. The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of the client.

  • We brought a case for Inetcam against Latham & Watkins in San Diego for legal malpractice and overbilling of client. The case resolved in a confidential settlement.

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