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Steve Haney obtained a reversal of…

Steve Haney obtained a reversal of two trial court rulings in Workman v. Klause (consolidated for purpose of appeal) and Martinez v. Robledo in a landmark decision that changes the manner in which damages are calculated for pet owners who incur veterinarian bills as a result of a defendant’s negligence and/or wrongful conduct (see Martinez v. Robledo, 210 Cal.App.4th 384 (2012)). Under prior law, the pet owner was limited to the cost of repair or the value of the pet, whichever is lesser. The Second District Court of Appeal changed California law by holding that a pet owner could henceforth obtain the amount of the veterinarian bill (i.e. cost of repair) even if that sum exceeded the value of the pet. A new CACI jury instruction was created as a result of Mr. Haney’s appeal.

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