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Steve Haney scored a victory in a…

Steve Haney scored a victory in a published decision in the United States Court of Claims. The client was a Lieutenant Commander who claimed wrongful discharge arising out of her filing EEOC and OSHA Complaints citing to the unsafe practices at a United States Medical Facility. Rather than to correct the dangerous practices, the client’s supervisors’ concocted a plan to falsely claim that the client’s job performance were substandard. In ruling in our client’s favor, the esteemed jurist, the Honorable Charles Lettow, noted that the client’s last two performance evaluations were a 99 and 100 on a scale of 1 to 100, and found the government’s excuse for termination to be pretextual. Judge Lettow found our client was wrongfully terminated and awarded her full retirement pay and benefits, 10 years back pay and costs.

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